Gongshu District, Hangzhou obtains the first elevator insurance for maitenance... The first insurance for elevator maintenance and repairs when malfunction or damage occurs has been created in Gongshu District, Hangzhou. The insurance premium is 9420 yuan per year and should be covered on 15 consecutive years and the limit of indemnity goes to 150 thousand yuan. Under this insurance, more than half of the elevator maintenance and repairing charges would be assumed by the insurance company...In Detail
AIRPORT EXPANSION AT INDIA-PAKISTAN BORDER INCLUDES VT An expansion of the Jammu airport (Jammu Civil Enclave), a military/public facility in Jammu, India, approximately 8 mi. from the Pakistan border, includes vertical transportation (VT), the DailyExcelsior reports. Three escalators (two for departures and one for arrivals) and three elevators...In Detail
ELEVATOR PREPARATION FOR HARSH WEATHER Schindler has provided the industry with a harsh-weather plan, including recommendations on how to protect elevator equipment and occupants in the event of harsh weather conditions. The safety guidelines provided by Schindler are available at website and are applicable for hurricanes... In Detail
INELEX 2018 SCHEDULED The next INELEX will be held at the INELEX Izmir International Fair in Izmir, Turkey, on April 26-28, 2018. Dubbed the “11th elevator and elevator technologies exposition,” it is to feature more than 150 exhibitors. Organizer Efor Fair Organization is expecting thousands of visitors from at least 44 countries. For more information ... In Detail
WITTUR SPONSORING INTERLIFT CUBE Wittur Group has announced its sponsorship of the Cube pavilion of Interlift, taking place in Augsburg, Germany, on October 16-20. The manufacturer will exhibit its elevator components, modernization packages and special complete systems in the 1,500-m2 Wittur Cube. The company intends to showcase the integration that has followed its acquisition of Sematic two years ago...In Detail

President of Xizi UHC: traditional industry to revive in the trend of Industry 4.0

The second session of China Industry Internet Conference 2017 has recently kicked off in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Wang Shuifu, President of Xizi UHC, one of the attendants, claims in the interview of CNLift that traditional industry should adopt new thoughts and change its existing methods, to combine its business with emerging trends such as mechanized production...In Detail

Elevators with automatic alarm to spread in Hefei State High-Tech Industry Development Zone Hello, an elevator accident happened just now and the elevator car stops between the 10th and 11th floor in No.2 of Wanshui Residential Building. Passengers are trapped there. Please offer an immediate help, thank you! The above words are an elevator... In Detail
Meilun Elevator: dedicated to become a world-class elevator enterprise Zhejiang Meilun Elevator has initiatively publicized the online investor exchange meeting for its A shares, where Qian Xuelin, President of Meilun ELevator, and Qian Xuegen, the executive and vice manager, have delivered a speech. Moreover, Ye Qiang ... In Detail

SJEC: It's a responsibility to assure safety, which matters to everyone

The Human Resource Department of SJEC, along with Quality Center, has held a training of safety for all personnel. On the training Ms. Yang Jianping from Suzhou Association of Work Safety(SAWS) has been invited as one of the trainers...In Detail

Hailiang International Community in Yinchuan Located by the Beita Lake, Hailiang International Community has taken up an area up to 1200 acres...In Detail Latest measures adopted by Jinan Housing and Real Estate Bureau There will be 34 transformation projects of urban shantytown and villages taking place in Jinan in 2018... In Detail
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