First relief car with elevator alarms debut in Qinhuangdao, leading the industry with smart technology Qianhuangdao Prospect Company has developed the first relief car with elevator alarms in the world, through its abundant technology in elevator producing and researching. When the relief car is running on the street, it can act as a mobile inspector to elevators and automatically conduct a checkup to elevators which are equipped with a data recorder in the city...In Detail
EW 2018 PHOTO CONTEST VOTING OPEN Judging of the 2018 ELEVATOR WORLD Photo Contest entries is taking place through June 22. This year notes the most popular yet, with EW receiving more than 250 photos from 22 countries. The best are online, and your votes will decide the winners in each category...In Detail
FORBES NAMES KONE AMONG MOST-INNOVATIVE COMPANIES Forbes magazine has named KONE among the world's 100 most-innovative companies for 2018, placing the Finland-based elevator and escalator company 59th on this, the eighth annual list of companies that demonstrate creative disruption and innovation. The ranking made KONE the seventh-most-innovative company in Europe, and it was the only elevator and escalator company on the list... In Detail
OTIS ADDING NINE PREMIUM UNITS IN HAIKOU, CHINA Otis Elevator (China) Co., Ltd. will provide nine "super double-deck elevators" for Haikou Twin Towers. "Super double-deck" technology automatically adjusts the height between the cars in the double-deck configuration to give architects more freedom to plan diverse floor heights... In Detail
KONE WINS ORDERS FOR THREE METRO LINES IN CHINA KONE Corp. has won orders for more than 500 vertical-transportation units on three metro lines in China, the company announced on June 5. An order for Changsha Metro Line 5 includes 105 TransitMaster? escalators, 26 MonoSpace? elevators, and five MiniSpace? elevators. Another order, at Line 2 of the Xiamen Metro connecting Xiamen Island with the Haicang District, includes 199 heavy-load TransitMaster 140 escalators...In Detail

6 tops of the world attained by Canny’s elevator

Canny Elevator has achieved a rapid rise in 21 years and started to play an important role in the global elevator industry on behalf of China. The escalator in the sightseeing tunnel of Tianmen Mountain, manufactured and installed by Canny Elevator, has won the first prize of Newly installed escalator, and achieved the first place in the following 6 items , including serving the most complicated conditions...In Detail

Hitachi Elevator transformed toward service for after-elevator era The nation and public have both paying more attention to installing elevators to old residential communities and elevator modernization. Under the coordination of relevant authorities, Hitachi Elevator has added a new elevator to a public house in Putuo, Shanghai, in 2017... In Detail
Largest exhibition complex in Shandong chose Xizi! Xizi Elevator has cooperated with Qingdao International Exhibition Center, the largest exhibition complex in Shandong in 2018, introducing products and technology of Intelligent Manufacturing in China... In Detail

Eysar Elevator President talking about the theory of business: to build the soul of the industry by the power brought by belief

To treat the clients as they were your beloved, and to focus on elevator product manufacturing as it were a part of your religion, it’s exactly what it means in the name of Eysar (yisa). To bear a relief so that the craftmanship could be implemented in the work...In Detail

Passenger rail lines for India Station It’s the project which has been conducted in the most severe and complicated conditions, and it’s a breakthrough for Canny Elevator to tap India market...In Detail Rhine Inclined Elevator brings you to red rocks wonder Rhine has installed 2 sets of inclined elevators for red rocks scenery spot, which act as a more convenient transport ... In Detail
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