Seminar on Group Standard of General Technical Conditions for Modular Elevator Installation held in Scenery Elevator Seminar on Group Standard of General Technical Conditions for Modular Elevator Installation has been held in a conference hall in Scenery Elevator on July, 3rd. in order to strengthen standardizing elevator manufacturing and installation, participants, professionals from China Promotion Association for Special Equipment Safety and Energy-Saving, Shanghai Special Equipment Institute, Nanjing Special Equipment Institute...In Detail
LA ANNOUNCES 2019 CONFERENCE FOR LONDON The European Lift Association (ELA) has set its General Assembly and Annual Conference for London on May 13-14, 2019. The event, which attracts more than 100 senior industry representatives, is a forum for the European industry to discuss common challenges and celebrate achievements. It will be co-organized and hosted by the Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA) of the U.K...In Detail
LIBERTY/PM MERGE ON U.S. EAST COAST Liberty Elevator Experts has announced a merger with PM Associates. PM is a 58-year-old company that has performed compliance inspections and consulting in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Ohio for decades. PM President/Owner Allan Benincasa said, “I had offers from big national inspection firms... In Detail
EW CONTINUING EDUCATION APPROVED IN B.C. National Elevator Industry, Inc. (NEII) notes in its Insider newsletter that tariffs on imported Chinese vertical-transportation (VT) equipment will take effect on July 6. On June 15, President Donald Trump, along with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), released the administration's final list of Chinese products subject to tariffs. Included are elevator and escalator parts and components... In Detail
ELEVATORS PART OF PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE IN FLORIDA KEYS A pedestrian bridge at mile marker 87 over U.S. Highway 1 in Islamorada in the Florida Keys will be outfitted with a pair of elevators, The Key West Citizen reports. The US$2.5-million project is expected to start in November 2019 and be complete in one year. The aerial walkway will allow visitors to easily reach Founder’s Park...In Detail

Xiji Schindler released Caplift

Caplift, taking an area o less than 1 sqm and running without a shaft, pit or machineroom, could be installed in the corner, the living or every part in a room, according to practical needs. The working capacity of the elevator is around 606 watt and its capacity of standby time is only equivalent to an operating set top box. Applicable to the nominal voltage of 220v just as other household appliances, Caplift could act as another large household appliance...In Detail

New policy for elevator installing in old residential communities in Heilongjiang 2018 Heilongjiang Authority has stated in the directive opinion for transformation of old residential communities in Heilongjiang Province that transformation plan and annual plan should be set up according to actual conditions, and the program of work should make clear division of labor, target and subsidy policy, and the transformation plan and annual plan for the year of 2018 to 2022 should be reported to housing and construction bureau in Heilongjiang by the end of September... In Detail
Sicher Elevator President Li Dongliu honored as tenured professor and doctoral supervisor Sticking to the “going out” strategy, Sicher Elevator has been seeking for development in an international way. The dean, operation director and director of special projects of University of Lahore in Pakistan have paid a visit to Sicher Elevator in June 27th an 28th, and Li Dongliu, President of Sicher Elevator, has been honored as tenured professor and doctoral supervisor of the University... In Detail

Xizi Xio Elevator Manufacturing Project in Yingcheng, Hubei with 500 m yuan

Xizi Xio Elevator has held a signing ceremony in Yingcheng, Hubei, on the afternoon of July, 2nd. The ceremony has seen the participation of Mayor Xu Changbin, Yang Dezhong, Li Bihua, Fu Yanqiong and Xi LI, President of Xizi Xio. The project would be located in the development zone of Yingcheng with a total investment of 500 million yuan. The completion of the project would produce over 3100 sets of elevators, sightseeing ones...In Detail

Hailing Yufu Located in the core area of Chengnan District, Fuyang, Hailiang Yufu, enjoys an area of 290 thousand sqm and serves as a low-building-density and picturesque community, featured with imperial-class garden and providing an extraordinary...In Detail A letter to General Director of State Administration for Market Regulationwonder Fuzhou market supervisor has made a response to the complaints summited by elevator maintenance workers on the issue of frequent selective examinations interrupting work progress... In Detail
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