Thoughts on college entrance exam takers trapped in elevators There was an elevator malfunction in 118 Inns (Fenghuangcheng Branch) in Liangshan, Jining, Shandong, on June 8th, when 6 college entrance exam takers were trapped in an elevator for over 40 minutes. Unfortunately, the takers failed to take the important exam on time and they have finally reached an agreement with the hotel on June 13rd.I’d like to share my thoughts with you and please let me know if there’s anything inappropriate. In my opinion, compared to the shortening of arrival time of the rescuers...In Detail
KONE PROVIDING 177 UNITS FOR GERMAN MIXED-USE PROJECT KONE will deliver 177 elevators and escalators to Westfield Hamburg-überseequartier, a new, 14-building mixed-use development in Hamburg, Germany’s HafenCity district. KONE called it the largest urban renewal development in Europe. It will house about 650 apartments, offices with approximately 4,000 workplaces, three hotels, restaurants, retail and cultural space and a cinema...In Detail
MAN SEVERS FINGERTIP IN ESCALATOR INCIDENT A man in Boston severed his fingertip in an escalator incident at the Alewife subway station on June 20, WCVBreports. According to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, the man put his fingers in the teeth of the comb at the bottom of an escalator while trying to retrieve a receipt he dropped. The tip of his finger was reportedly retrieved and taken to the hospital with the man. The escalator was shut down and sterilized after the incident... In Detail
MINNEAPOLIS EXPERIENCING NUMEROUS ESCALATOR OUTAGES Minneapolis has reportedly experienced a large number of escalator outages in recent months, Minn Postreports. In some cases, after the escalator broke down, it was out of commission for a month or more. The primary problem for business owners is reportedly the inconvenience of maintenance and finding parts. Owners of some buildings in the city have recently replaced their escalators with stairs, and others are considering following suit...In Detail
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC LAUNCHES NEW COMPANY IN LAOS Mitsubishi Electric Corp. announced that it has established a new company called MELCO Elevator Lao Sole Co., Ltd. (MLAO) to increase its elevator business in the Mekong regional market, which it calls “highly promising.” It is expected to strengthen Mitsubishi Electric’s sales of elevators and escalators. Annual sales in Laos are expected to rise 50% from the prior fiscal year. The new company will begin operations July 1. Mitsubishi Elevator (Thailand) Co., Ltd...In Detail

Per Lidstr?m new CEO of Cibes Lift Group

Cibes Lift Group has announced that Per Lidstr?m succeeds Mats Engblom as CEO of Cibes Lift Group. Mats Engblom has taken the position for 7 consecutive years. And the new CEO has built up a wealth of experience from several executive positions at global engineering companies. Per Lidstr?m has more than 10 years’ experience from different management positions at Sandvik Group. He now leaves his position as Vice President of Global Operations at Seco Tools to become the CEO of Swedish lift manufacturer Cibes Lift Group...In Detail

XJ Schindler launched eCloud To achieve a visual control on elevator operating data, time-efficiency and safety issue, and maintain a seamless connection among data, staff and customers, XJ Schindler has launched eCloud system for elevator equipment, to ensure safe operation of elevators and provide a comprehensive and prompt service... In Detail
Rush to save Yibin, the earthquake-stricken area, thyssenkrupp fully ensured all elevators... The magnitude-6.0 earthquake has attacked Changning, Yibin, Sichuan at 10:50 p.m. on June 17th, when the local thyssenkrupp maintenance branch has rushed to save the equipment in the stricken area and unsure a safe use of all the equipment under the leading of Luzhou branch... In Detail

Residential community tries to make elevator entrance for every flat regardless of fire passage in Xingyi, Guizhou

In Phoenix Tree County of Feiyanghua Garden, a residential community in Xingyi city, the buildings have only 2 flats on every floor, and the property owners have their own elevator card to reach their own floor. And the elevators are double-door designed, which means the residents could only enter their own flat when elevator arrives...In Detail

Xizi UHC President Wang Shuifu talking about the changed... On the opening day of weekly activity of public entrepreneurship and innovation, Wang Shuifu, President of Xizi UHC, has joined the opening ceremony and China Entrepreneurship and Investment Industrial ...In Detail Industry insider revealed elevator maintenance secrets as equipment malfunctions after maintaining As reported by Mr. Han, who lives in Xiahe Yujing Residential Community, the elevator in the residential community has broken down frequently ever after he lived here... In Detail
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