Suggestion on current situation: to look into the reality with sharpened vigilance and clear mind Today's Topic: IoT development in elevator industry. IoT could gained access to the operation status of core parts of elevator equipment in real time through information collection. Predicting when and how some certain part might go wrong, IoT helps with a replacement or repair beforehand, not to mention telling whether the problem is from designing, manufacturing or improper operation...In Detail
EFESME-HOSTED LIFT FORUM COMING UP The European Federation for Elevator Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EFESME) is organizing the launch of the SBS Lift Forum on “Digitalisation and the Lift Sector” on May 23 in Brussels at the Small Business Standards (SBS) premises. EFESME hopes the forum will be an evolution of last year’s iteration. As such, it aims to present how digitalization can have different impacts and consequences and is part of the organization’s 2019 activities centered on digitalization and cybersecurity...In Detail
LIFTEX 2019 IN LONDON: PROMISING MORE THAN EVER Interested parties are invited to preview LIFTEX 2019, scheduled on May 15-16 at ExCeL in London. Organized every three years by the Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA), this year’s show features more exhibitors than ever before, including 30 attending for the first time, for a total of approximately 120 U.K. and international exhibitors. There will also be more free seminars led by industry experts than ever before, with topics including standards development and implications, safety, escalators and codes... In Detail
GIRL’S FOOT BRUISED AFTER SHOE GETS CAUGHT IN ESCALATOR A 12-year-old girl visiting the Rhode Island Convention Center (RICC) in Providence received minor injuries after one of her shoes got pulled into the side of an escalator, WPRI reports. The girl and her mother were attending a cheerleading competition when they boarded the down escalator...In Detail
ROME METRO ESCALATORS GREENLIT AT ONE STATION Escalators at the Spagna Rome Metro station were greenlit by Italy’s transport ministry, resulting in the station reopening on May 7, Wanted in Rome reports. Because its escalators are the same type as those that collapsed on March 21 at the Barberini station, the Spagna escalators had been closed since March 23 so they could be checked by technicians...In Detail

Depu Home Elevator shone on the? very first beginning and honored with global elevator awards

CNLIFT Global Elevator Award Ceremony 2018-2019 and Elevator Marketing Seminar held in Langfang on Aril 20th, 2019.Depu Home Elevator has won the New Technology and New Product Award in elevator industry for its marvelous product of the Series of Elevator Premium 100.Founded on April 13th, 2017...In Detail

Sicher Elevator won Grade AA in Class A Customer-Satisfied Enterprise in Quality Credit... On the first session of? Forum of High-Quality Development of China's Elevator Enterprises and Release of Assessment of Quality Credit in Elevator Enterprise Market, Sicher Elevator has won Grade AA in Class A Customer-Satisfied Enterprise in Quality Credit... In Detail
A toddler died in an elevator malfunction rescue in a residential community in Qingyang, Gansu It's reported that a 2-year-old toddler has fallen from somewhere high in the rescuing work of an elevator malfunction in Tianrun Residential Community in Longdong Building, QIngyang, Gansu on April 29th. The involved elevator equipment has been blocked and under investigation by local market quality supervisor... In Detail

Caihong Street of Liwan District in Guangzhou sees bonus of 100000 yuan for every set of elevator...

The residents living in old residential buildings which have been equipped with elevators have received a bonus of 100000 yuan for every set of elevator from the government on April 29th. On the site there were booths for advice and publicization of how elevators installing to existing buildings and some relevant policies...In Detail

Guangzhou Foshan engineering brigade lost contact taking... The building at No.3, Street 3, Huijing Town, Chancheng, Foshan, has eight stories, where the residents found an engineering brigade to assume the work of application and construction of elevator installing in December, 2016, with a total price of 587 thousand yuan...In Detail Haining Hongshi Elevator Decoration Company won Top 10 of Most Influential Elevator ... CNLIFT Global Elevator Award Ceremony 2018-2019 and Elevator Marketing Seminar held in Langfang on Aril 20th, 2019. Haining Hongshi Elevator Decoration Company has been honored with Top 10... In Detail
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