Elevator Maintenance Price List Released by Wenzhou Elevator Trade Association Wenzhou Elevator Trade Association has publicized 3 batches of enterprises’ price list of elevator parts and components as well as hour charge for maintenance and repairs. With 6, 32 and 11 enterprises separately in the first, second and third batch, there are 49 enterprises which have released their price list in Wenzhou....In Detail
ELEVATOR MALFUNCTION INJURES EIGHT IN KUALA LUMPUR An incident caused by an elevator malfunction at the Kerinchi People’s Housing Project (PPR) in Kuala Lumpur has brought to light issues with maintenance for local authorities. According to New Straits Times, eight people were injured when the elevator malfunctioned and “plummeted” from the fifth floor to ground level...In Detail
11 FLAWS FOUND IN WIND RIVER REAL-TIME OPERATING SYSTEMS Researchers at Armis Labs discovered 11 potentially serious security flaws in the Wind River VxWorks real-time operating system, Naked Security reports. The flaws reportedly affect about 200 million devices, including elevators, routers and firewalls. The list of 11 flaws includes six remote code execution flaws and five less-serious issues. Armis Labs expressed concern that attackers could exploit the flaws to take control of affected devices without being detected... In Detail
VT CONTRACT FOR MALAYSIAN RAIL PROJECT SLASHED A vertical-transportation (VT) contract won by elevator and escalator supplier Eita Resources Bhd of Subang Jaya, Malaysia, has been slashed by nearly two-thirds, The Edge Markets reported on August 7. The company, in a filing with Bursa Malaysia, said it had received termination of the original terms and a letter of appointment reflecting a contract worth about MYR67.5 million...In Detail
PORTLAND METRO ELEVATOR UPGRADES BEGIN Repairs and upgrades on elevators at Portland’s MAX light rail service stations have begun, Oregon Live reports. Each station has two pairs of elevators on the platforms, so one pair can continue to run, while the other is being repaired. Crews began working on the first pair of elevators at the Washington Park station. The upgrades are a part of TriMet’s long-term project of repairing and upgrading all elevators in the metro area’s stations...In Detail

Hengda Fuji Won an Elevator Project of 35-Story Social Security Fund Building in Uganda

Hengda Fuji has announced a piece of good news from its overseas market department that it has won the bidding and been selected as a supplier for all of the 33 sets of elevators in the highest building in Uganda, the 35-Story Social Security Fund Building. The elevators for the projects would be specially equipped with 2 major functions of brake force supervision and black box records. The brake force supervision could test the situation of the brake system in idle hours...In Detail

The 9th Session of Toshiba Cup China Normal University Science Teacher’s Teaching Skills Innovation Competition Winners to Visit Japan for Exchange and Communication The 9th Session of Toshiba Cup China Normal University Science Teacher’s Teaching Skills Innovation Competition has been held during June 10th to 14th, and ended in over 50 winners, including teachers and students, who have joined a 5-day visit... In Detail
IFE Meihao Existing Buildings Elevator Started New Ecology in After Market of Installing... Shenzhen Zhongjie Jiezhi Technology Co., Ltd. have signed a strategic cooperative agreement with IFE Meihao Existing Buildings Elevator on July 26th, aiming to establish a joint service in the new ecology of Elevator IoT + After Market Service in the one-stop vertical application field, to better improve the strategic layout of both parties and to provide further supports for each other... In Detail

Climb Elevator Honored as National Enterprise with Advantages in IPRs

Sichuan Climb Elevator has been awarded the title of National Enterprise with Advantages in IPRs in 2018-2021, which has been recently approved by State Intellectual Property Administration...In Detail

Man Relieved His Anger by Strangling Girl’s Neck in Elevator: How to Protect Ourselves in Elevator A 13-year-old girl was in an elevator to her way to take her parcel when an unknown 14-year-old boy next to her was strangling her neck...In Detail Stools Installed in Elevator Cars to Prevent Electric Trucks Entrance It’s recently reported that stools are installed in elevator cars in a residential community, reducing the elevator carrying capacity from 10 to 13 to 5 or 6 people. The lowered efficiency has caused some residences to be late for work... In Detail
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